Dear Friends:

Welcome to the Mazarrón Council Website.  The internet offers us the possibility of bringing municipal activity closer to the public. This website is committed to reaching this goal. It is not only an information portal of the day to day life of the Municipality but it is also an element of interaction between the institution and the users. We are working with this intention and are on the way to improving and extending this service.


We complement this website with our profiles on the social networks, to increase the proximity with the user with the view to showing what our Municipality is like; its “fiestas”, its traditions, the events which unite us and the repercussion it can have thanks to its touristic potential. We share information to move forward and improve our quality of life.


There is a lot to do, to provide and to tell. Between us all, let’s make this window a useful tool for the best interest of Mazarrón.


Alicia Jiménez Hernández

Mayoress of Mazarrón