Government Board


The Local Government Board is composed of the Mayor and Councillors freely appointed and dismissed by the Mayor.

Its function is to assist the Mayor in the exercise of its functions and exercise the powers delegated by the Mayor or the plenary.

The City Council meets Mazarrón in ordinary session once a week.

It is a collegiate body that directs the administration of the City Council, composed of the Mayor Aldermen and a number of no more than a third of each municipality's legal. These councilors are appointed and removed freely by the Mayor. In the municipality of Mazarrón Local Government Board is composed of 7 members: the Mayor and 6 Councillors.

The Local Government Board exists in all municipalities with populations of more than 5,000 people right and those with less, when so required by its organic regulation so resolved by the Plenary of the Corporation.

The Local Government acts in the city of Mazarrón to achieve greater agility in the performance of both the plenary and the Mayor. Since both bodies are overloaded with responsibilities.

In the municipality of Mazarrón regular meeting of the Local Government Board are held weekly. Taking as their meeting day to Thursdays each week. May meet in extraordinary session when convened by Mayor.


In general, the Local Government Board has no powers of its own, specifically attributed.

Their competences are therefore:

  • Assisting the Mayor in the exercise of its powers.
  • The powers delegated by the Mayor.
  • The plenary powers delegated by the Corporation.

Not all the powers of the Mayor and the Plenary can be delegated. The Law Regulating the Local System provides certain powers that the Mayor and the Plenary can not delegate to the Local Government Board.


Gaspar Miras Lorente.  President - Mayor (Spokesman of the government team)

Ginés Campillo Méndez.  1 st Deputy Mayor

Plácida Gómez Fernández. 2 nd Deputy Mayor

Tomás Ureña Aznar. 3 rd Deputy Mayor

Miguel Ángel Peña Martínez. 4 th Deputy Mayor

José María Moreno García. 5 th Deputy Mayor

Raquel Raja Robles. 6 º th Deputy Mayor