The three cyclists that came from Madrid arrived with success to Camposol where family and friends were waiting them

Yesterday arrived to Camposol the three cyclists that, motivated for a solidarity initiative, traveled the journey that links the mazarronera urbanization  with Madrid and from where also came back on their bikes to collect funds for the association of foreign residents “Protection and Life Saving” (PALS). The brave athletes, called Shaun, Jonhaton and Steve, were received by the  Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, the council of Foreign Residents Care, José Gómez, the mayoress of Saladillo, Raquel Cornelia Ensor, and large number of family and friends that didn´t want to miss their successful arrival.

The three cyclists had during their trip the support of other two compatriots, Lol and Mark, that provided the vehicle backup during the travel  they went for some towns like Agramón, Munera or Coral de Algamur. Al of them received from the Mayor a trophy in memory of their feat to end this initiative that has been organized by “TJ`s” of Camposol, that has donated the profits raised with this activity, and others carried out during the summer, to PALS.

During the day of celebration, held in the car park of the shopping area of B sector  of Camposol, there was a solidarity draw in which the main award was a mountain bike donated by the company “Compusurf”. Also there was humor, besides of the typical English humor, with the performance of a Tina Turner very special that played, in playback, her known song “Simply the best”. The components of PALS provided typical English food with which they raised some profits.

The Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, said that “our neighbors foreign residents  in Camposol has given us a lesson of solidarity with this original initiative of which we should take example”. The first council also thanked to  PALS its work “in the improvement of the health services in the town to which since years ago are helping economically”. The Mayor  shared a pleasant morning with the attendees. Some of them congratulated to the Town Hall for the speed with  which the Government Team has acted face the difficulties caused by the rains last Friday.