The Mayor was accompanied by councilors Silvana Buxton, José María Moreno and Francisco José García

The mayor of Mazarrón, Gaspar Miras, has met with more than a hundred residents of Camposol to take stock of the actions carried out by the council during the first 4 months of this term.  Mr Miras was very happy to see the high number of attendees at the meeting in which some topics of urbanization interest were discussed and during which the participants were able to express their doubts and suggestions.


The Mayor was accompanied by the councillor for Camposol and International Relations, Silvana Buxton, the councillor for Citizen Participation and Pedanías, José María Moreno, and the councillor for Civil Protection and Health, Francisco José García. He highlighted the improvements made in public lighting, street cleaning, increased security with the continued police presence and the arrangement of various street repairs, among others things.


Mr Gaspar Miras explained that "these are small actions that we have been able to undertake with the limited resources available to us" and has acknowledged that "there is still a lot to do in Camposol".  He asked the neighbours for "understanding and patience" to address in the coming years the problems that the urbanization suffers "and that we know are many", reinforcing the commitment of the government team to gradually undertake to resolve some of them.


In this regard, the mayor recalled that at the Municipal Plenary it was agreed to prepare a working table for Camposol “in order that both we, as those who come in the future, maintain a firm commitment to the residents of Camposol and the needs of the Urbanization are not forgotten ”. The first mayor assured that "although we have not yet been able to reach all the sites, we will do so as the legislature advances."


One of the aspects that benefited the entire urbanization, and for which the attendees expressed their gratitude, has been the implementation of the continuous police presence. "Security is one of our biggest concerns and our commitment in this regard is being fulfilled from the start."  The mayor took the opportunity to comment that, for safety reasons, it had been decided to close Calle Aljibe to the traffic; he  apologized for the inconvenience caused by this decision which was deemed to be necessary in order to prevent any accidents.


Mr Gaspar Miras congratulated not only the neighbours who contribute to bring the issue of Camposol to the attention of the Town Hall, but also to the associations that are actively involved in the urbanization. “You are an example of community spirit to be praised for  the selfless work carried out, in order to improve the quality of life of the residents, including the surrounding environment,” said the Mayor.