The association is composed of young people under 18 years old and is created in the likeness of 'Lions Club'

Last Friday March 27 started its activity the first 'Club Leos' independent of Spain that is born precisely in Mazarrón and is created sponsored by 'Lions Club of Mazarrón Bahía'. Mariano´s restaurant of Camposol was the venue for the presentation of this association of youth under 18 in the likeness of 'Lions'. To this presentation attended the Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, Councilor for Youth, Andrés Valera, the District mayor of El Saladillo José Andrés Navarro, and the representative of the Club 'Torrevieja Costa Lions' Anka Peltonen.

She stated that "I come on behalf of the District Governor, Alfonso Piñol, who was unable to attend to explain that we are very proud that they have launched the first club 'Leos' of Spain here in Mazarrón." She added that the goal of this association is that "young people learn the principles under which the 'Lions' develop our work and what means to be a Lion', helping others that is the main purpose of 'Lionism'".

Also attended the President of the 'Lions - Bahía de Mazarrón’, Sid Worland, the 'Lions' Nigel Barker and Virginia Barker and the president of' Mazarrón Red Cross, Carmen Navarro. The latter collected from the hands of Virginia Barker a donation of 300 euros "addressed to our project called 'Solidary Brunch' for those children and young people who go without having breakfast to school or who do not carry a lunch, so that everyone can enjoy of a healthy breakfast. "

The Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, expressed his "satisfaction that has been Mazarrón where has born the first club of 'young lions' of Spain, something that makes us feel very proud and we congratulate the' Lions Bahía de Mazarrón’, being again an example to us all. "The mayor highlighted that this club "carries out an impressive social work and we are grateful for all the work that are developing in Mazarrón and the philanthropy that develops English society, which helps disadvantaged and needy people."