The sport rink is located in the garden of San Pedro of Puerto de Mazarrón

Yesterday it was inaugurated in the garden of San Pedro of Puerto de Mazarrón, a rink of skatepark that is the first in the town. The Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, and the councilor for Youth and Sports, Andrés Valera, were in charge of discovering a plaque with occasion of this opening to which also attended the councilors Isidro Coy, Celeste Soria, Magdalena Méndez, Miguel Mª García and Carlos García; as well as some young people that have been using this infrastructure for some days ago and representatives of the company  'Hermanos Ortíz Vera S.C.' that was in charge of the works, which have meant an investment of 59.800 euros by the town hall.

The councilor for Sports explained that “the infrastructure has some modules such as ramps and pyramids and a "pool" of concrete in whose design has participated even the youth who have requested this kind of installation”. Andrés Valera also pointed out that “the rink of skate has been well welcomed and has having great success”. Precisely, representatives of the association 'Bahía Surf' and the Club Skating 'Qué linea' thanked effusively to the Government Team this initiative, as from now they will have a space in which they will be able to practise different sport modalities linked to this infrastructure like the skating, the skate or BMX cycling.

The Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, stated that “we fulfill so with the request that many young people have been making, even before we arrived to the town hall, and to whom we have promised to dedicate a space of this type for them”. Likewise, the first councilor added that “the petitions of the neighbors have been listened and it was decided to move it some metres so that they don´t suffer inconvenience”. Ginés Campillo has highlighted that “with the implementation of this skatepark we also give life to this area of Puerto that has an excellent location next to the neighborhood of 'Las Cávilas' and very close to the Puerto Deportivo”.

The rink also has a basketball basket so that those lovers of this sport can also have a space where  'throwing some baskets". It should be noted that the associations and youth have committed together with the town hall to maintain the facilities clean and in good conditions as it is expected that the skatepark accommodates sport competitions the year around. The Town Hall also works to extend the sport infrastructures in the town. An example is the inauguration this Sunday 9th February of a circuit BMX in the sport complex of the 'Media Legua' from 11 a.m., to which will be followed an exhibition of this sport .