The Town Hall will start a campaign to help to this lorquina girl that suffers a rare illness

The trades of “Mercado Marinero de Bahía” have collected around of 100 kilos of caps of containers during the last weeks that the last Saturday were given to the family of Eva Giménez Reinaldos. Eva is a girl of Lorca of 5 years old that, since her birth, suffers a congenital brain injury. An illness cataloged as “rare”.

In this installment of caps were the councils Isidro Coy and David Fernández who had a conversation with the family of the girl in which they ask to the town hall to carry out a collection campaign of plastic caps for Eva in our town. An initiative with which both councils are committed.

Eva Giménez travels twice a year  to the “Instituto para el Logro del Potencial Humano” of the doctor Doman placed in the U.S. city of Filadelfia and, thanks to the recycled plastic caps, her parents can afford  the cost of the treatments and the travels to U.S. The progress of the girl can be followed through the web site

The council of Citizen Participation, Environment, Trade, Consumption and Transport, David Fernández, has explained that “from the Town Hall we are going to promote in the town the collection of plastic caps to help Eva so she can go on with her treatment in Filadelfia”. For this it will be designed a campaign in support to the girl in which it will be asked the help of the citizens and traders to collect the greater number possible of plastic caps.