The Councillor for Camposol, Silvana Buxton, meets Iberdrola operations technicians

In the continuing effort to solve the street-lighting problems, two Iberdrola operations technicians visited Camposol on 16th June, after being invited by the Councillor for Camposol to help provide explanations and information regarding lighting outages on public roads.


They were very helpful in explaining the process and systems installed on the urbanization, which consists of many circuits each supplying and metering numerous public streets; the lighting infrastructure overall is ageing and deteriorating, there are also some contract abnormalities which will be investigated as well as a significant problem with unauthorized electricity usage.


They explained that the whole Region of Murcia is computerized and any un-contracted or abnormal power usage on any circuit is flagged by the computer and logged. It is unlikely that engineers would be dispatched immediately, but a record will be made for the next routine inspection, and if it transpires that the supply or equipment has been tampered with in any way the power supply will be disconnected without notice.


The next inspection visit for Camposol will be in September, so anyone thinking of making alterations to the street-lighting systems should think twice, as a disconnection can affect not just the lights being targeted but many other streets on the same circuit, plus incur a multi thousand euro fine and even criminal prosecution.