The Decree Law approved by the Governing Council provides for fines of between 100 and 600,000 euros

The Regional Governing Council  approved the Decree Law that establishes the scale of fines to deal with non-compliance with the provisions issued to mitigate the effects of the covid-19, highlighted are the use of masks and home isolation prescribed by the doctors.

The Regional Government on June 19 authorized the agreement regarding prevention and containment measures applicable in the Region of Murcia. Depending on the epidemiological evolution and outbreaks detected, it was modified by agreement of the Governing Council of July 13, which agreed on the mandatory use of a mask throughout the Region of Murcia.

Both agreements established the measures related to the protection of public health and a series of limitations to mobility and other activities, the non-compliance of which is liable to be reported by the police and inspectors of the different administrations.

The purpose of the Decree Law approved today is to adopt measures that allow the Administration to deal quickly and effectively with the resolution of the penalty procedures that are initiated for non-compliance with the current provisions issued to alleviate the pandemic. This resolution classifies the infringements as minor, serious and very serious, depending on conduct and the exposure to the health risk that it entails.

Among the minor infractions, sanctioned with fines from 100 euros up to a maximum of 3,000, would be included the non-use or incorrect use of the mask, which case would always carry a 100 euros; non-compliance with capacity numbers, social distance and use of masks by public places; non-compliance with hygiene and general measures, even when it does not pose an immediate risk of contagion or affects less than 15 people, up to non-compliance with the precautionary measure of isolation agreed by the responsible health authority in people who have not tested positive for covid-19, but that are direct contacts of a confirmed patient.

Serious offenses include non-compliance with hygiene and prevention measures established for any type of establishment or activity, in spaces or premises, public or private, not respecting the capacity limits or the maximum number of people allowed to establishments or in activities, non-compliance with the preparation of contingency plans, up to the organisation of meetings or parties in which there are crowds that make it difficult to adopt preventive sanitary measures, or non-compliance with the duty of home isolation agreed by the health authority or of the decreed confinement. These cases of serious infringement will be penalised with a fine ranging between 3,001 euros and 60,000 being the maximum amount.

Finally, in cases of very serious contravention, penalised with fines that can reach 600,000 euros, behaviours that breach the general measures are typified when this behaviour may pose a risk of contagion to more than 100 people, and the performance of activities that have been expressly suspended and the repeated duty of home isolation agreed by the health authority.