The 'Children's Christmas Gift Appeal', organised by a group of ladies in Camposol, was a huge success

Lots of toys, books and other gifts, as well as knitted baby clothes and toys for the tiny tots, were collected, individually wrapped and packed in beautifully decorated bags and sacks, for babies, boys and girls of different age groups. .  These were donated as a well-wishing gesture of solidarity to the Cáritas branch of Puerto de Mazarrón, for distribution to the children of local families with limited financial means.

To preside the donation ceremony were the Mayor of Mazarrón, the Deputy Mayor Ginés Campillo, the Councillor for Camposol Silvana Buxton, and the Councillors of the local Government Tomás Ureña, Miguel Ängel Peña and José María Moreno.  The Padre of St José Church in the Port and his colleague Rosa Cánovas received the donation on behalf of Cáritas, Puerto de Mazarrón.

Cllr Silvana Buxton stated that 'this is the Camposol residents' contribution to reach those children who would otherwise have a difficult Christmas.  With this gesture we want to make sure that they too will receive a visit from Father Christmas. The bags and sacks full of gifts were sub-divided into various age-groups suitable for boys and girls of 3-6 years of age,  7-11 years, and 12-15 years, as well as toys and knitted garments for babies under 3 years of age.

The Padre of St José Catholic Church, Juan José Noguera  expressed his gratitude to the residents of Camposol, and especially to the ladies, whom he called 'Angels', who coordinated the collection of all the toys and gifts that surround us and which will bring joy and happiness to the children who will receive them. The generosity of all who contributed to this worthwhile cause was extraordinary. 

Special thanks to the English Radio Station 'Costa Cálida Radio' who acted as one of the collection points, thus facilitating the donation of toys and gifts from the various parts of the municipality.