Sources: Gerencia Murcia Regional Health Service (SMS), Centro de Coordinación 112, Centro coordinación servicios sanitarios. Mazarrón Area

Coronavirus Helpline 900 12 12 12

If you have these severe symptoms


  • TEMPERATURE (over 38.5 degrees Celsius)   


Call the Coronavirus helpline on 900 12 12 12  Be prepared to wait up to 30 minutes to be connected. There is no guarantee that the reception operator speaks English. If you don’t speak fluent Spanish please use an interpreter.

DO NOT call 112 to convey concerns about Coronavirus/Covid19 virus.


General illness and mild symptoms related to Coronavirus

You should inform your GP by phone for illnesses or concerns that need medical advice or if you develop one or both of these symptoms but without breathing difficulties:

  • Running a slight temperature (but under 38.5 C )      

  • NEW Persistent cough       



How to inform your doctor


If you don`t speak Spanish, please use an interpreter /translator who can communicate clearly with your GP and relay your symptoms by phone.

The doctor will then provide the necessary instructions and/or prescribe medication which you will be able to collect from the pharmacy; please take the necessary ID healthcard, patient´s NIE number etc.


Patients requiring ongoing treatment at hospital

Critical therapies and revision appointments such as dialysis and oncological treatment will continue as before. You may be provided with a letter to justify travelling to and from hospital.                    


Electronic prescriptions

The expiry date of all electronic prescriptions has been automatically extended for a further                 6 months so, there is no need to worry if your expiry date is soon.

Medication that needs to be approved (stamped)

Medication that is subject to the Inspection protocol (visados) has also been extended to the 30th June.

Hospital Pharmacy

Patients using the hospital pharmacy will continue to do so in the same way. You should only go 2 days before you need new medication. If you are collecting for somebody else please take the necessary medical paperwork, patient’s healthcard and ID.

Blood tests

Except for Sintrom / warfarin and oncological blood tests, all other routine blood tests have been cancelled or suspended.

Urgencies and Emergencies (but NOT Coronavirus)

Injury and serious medical concerns that require immediate medical attention, you can go to:

  • Your designated public health centre,

  • 24 hour health centre in Mazarrón (Out-of-surgery-hours)

  • A&E at Santa Lucia or Rosell Hospital in Cartagena


Vital/critical emergencies call 112 or use the 112 Region of Murcia App.                                             

ÇWith the app you can text in English, it also indicates your location.                                                                 

We can supply set up instructions in English for the 112 App.


Non residents in the Mazarron area

Non-residents who need urgent medical attention will have to go to the health centre in Puerto de Mazarrón or after 3pm to the 24 hour health centre in Mazarrón.

Medical appointments

All ROUTINE hospital and GP appointments have been cancelled or postponed until after the force majeure.

medicallink interpreting assistance

Persons who do not have a medical interpreter and need initial urgent interpreting assistance are welcome to call our offices on 968 21 20 50